Jobe Shocker 141 Wakeboard & Maze Bindings


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 This wakeboard is perfect for anyone seeking fun on a wakeboard this summer. A wakeboard for beginning and intermediate riders. The JOBE Shocker has a continuous rocker, molded fins and a solid core for stable riding. A 3-stage rocker arch provides fast, smooth rides and allows you to turn more easily. Integrated fins make this board a grippy one, and these molded fins provide stability when landing. A quick release and reacting profile offers a better edge hold and a smooth release - due to a functional and reliable molded polyurethane core.

  • 3-stage rocker
  • Molded fins
  • Solid Core
  • Center fin
  • Adjustable shoe sizes
  • Stretchy flex panels to control your ride
  • Single lace perfect wrapped fit
  • Custom Jobe lace lock to secure your ride.
  • 12 inch wide handle
  • 28mm thick round grip
  • Rubber handle grip
  • 12 strand main line
  • 60ft main line