Jobe Dim Floatable Polarized Sunglasses


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These Jobe floatable sunglasses have a unique dynamic design that provides excellent protection, the exact right amount of coverage and have a polarized UV-400 lens to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

The comfortable design together with a non-slip nose holder keep the glasses where they belong during your water sport activities.

The sunglasses are Floatable so wont disappaer to the bottom of the ocean if they get knocked out of place.

The glassed feature polarized lenses, a non slip nose holder and come complete with a soft bag for storage and protection.  

These sunglasses represent fantastic value compared with other well known brands.  You can also be confident that your eyes are well protected with the polarised lenses.

Product Features:

  • Floatable sunglasses
  • Polarized glasses
  • Comfortable design
  • UV-400 lenses for clarity
  • Non slip nose holder
  • Includes sunglasses soft bag for storage