Jobe 2020 Aero Venta 9.6 SUP and Windsurf Package

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The Venta 2020 9.6 SUP package is the very latest offering from Jobe Sports.  The Venta is an all-in-one solution to keep everyone happy.  This package comprises of a 9.6 long, 6" thick inflatable paddle board, 3.5M windsurf rig, Pump, fibreglass 3-piece paddle and waterproof backpack.

This white water board allows you to paddle, surf waves, SUP and windsurf on a quality inflatable board.  No compromises have to be made, this is old-School windsurfing on an easy to transport ISUP.  The Venta windsurf package combines the advantages of an inflatable SUP with all the technical elements of a windsurf board.  The wide shape offers unrivaled stability.  The addition of special edge finishes and fins makes sure that the board has traction and control whether wave of windsurfing.

The board has a 300L volume, weighs 10kg and makes use of Jobe's Heat Bonded Technology, ensuring quality and stiffness. Jobe have also added a brand new X-Stitching Construction making the board lighter and stiffer. But what sets this board apart form the rest of our SUP range is it's qualities on rougher water. The Venta has multiple handles to hold onto when in rougher water.   

Rest easy in the knowledge that you are also covered by Jobes 3 year warranty.

What are you waiting for, get out there and enjoy!

2020 Jobe Aero Venta 9.6 SUP and Windsurf Package details:

  • heat bonded technology: more layer quality and safety
  • Non slip EVA foam deck allows comfortable long term paddling
  • 10ft. | 3,04m coiled leash
  • Bungee storage net
  • Traction rail on bottom of the board for more control
  • Windsurf sail insert
  • 3,5m2 sail
  • 8" US fin & 2 molded side fins
  • Comfortable neoprene handle
  • D-ring on tip and tail
  • Halkey Roberts valve
  • Including: mast, mast extension, mast base, uphaul cord & boom
  • Mast: 136cm, luff 316cm, boom:140cm
  • Sail: mast, mast extension, mast base, uphaul cord, boom, 3,5m² sail, mast: 316cm, luff: 316cm, boom: 140cm, Age range: 9 years and up
  • Nose rocker: 9", Tail rocker: 0"
  • Weight capacity: 140kg | 308lbs
  • Board weight: 10kg | 22lbs
  • Package weight: 13,28kg | 29lbs
  • Dimensions: 9'6" x 36" x 6" | 290 x 91,3 x 15cm
  • Package contains: Aero Venta SUP Board 9.6, adjustable 3-piece fiberglass paddle (Jobe Freedom Stick), waterproof backpack, double action pump, 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash
  • 3 year warranty after registration