iFloat Softbag 50N Manual inflatable bouyancy aid


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If you are searching for a buoyancy aid or lifejacket for paddle boarding then look no further.  This is the perfect solution to help keep you safe on the water.

The iFloat is the latest development of the Baltic iFloat range of personal lifejackets and buoyancy aids.  The softbag version of the ifloat is perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking or any on the water activity where freedom and comfort are required.  The inflatable lung is stowed inside the bag which can be sited anywhere around the waist.  If you need the lifejacket to inflate you simply pull the iFloat out of the bag, place it over your head and inflate by pulling the cord.   

The soft bag also features a streamlined shape and a front pocket for storage, keys, waterproof phone etc.

The iFloat is available in two versions, 50N and 150N buoyancy.  The iFloat 50 is classified as a buoyancy aid and the iFloat 150 is classified as a lifejacket.  Both models are inflated via a replaceable gas cylinder that is activated by a manual pull cord.  

Available in two colours, black or white.