Baltic iFloat 150N Buoyancy Aid

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The Baltic iFloat 150N Buoyancy Aid is designed to give maximum freedom and comfort when on the water. The inflatable lung is stowed in a pocket that can be sited anywhere around the waist. To deploy should you require buoyancy, simply pull the Baltic iFloat 150N Buoyancy Aid out of the pocket, place over your head and inflate by pulling the inflation cord. This handy buoyancy aid is perfect for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Only suitable for swimmers.  

The iFloat 150 is classifed as a lifejacket. Both models are inflated via a gas cylinder that is activated by the manual pull-cord. The inflatable lung and the mouth inflation – deflation tube as well as the manual gas valve are the same as used in our other inflatable lifejackets. When you fall in the water, pull the iFLOAT lung out of the waist pouch place over your head and pull the manual inflation pull-cord. The gas then inflates the lung. Recommended for swimmers only.

Five years guarantee.

Size: 40-130 kg.