Jobe Duna 11.6 Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Package 2021


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The 2021 Jobe Duna 11.6 Inflatable SUP has received some serious design changes where form meets function! It doesn't just look better, the design changes have a practical use and make for an integrated storage cord and handles. Combine this with the Jobe high-end technology such as their X-stringer construction, railtape and a double stringer and you get one of the best boards on the market as a result!

The ultimate SUP board for those seeking more speed and versatility from their paddle board ride this summer. Paddling is about getting close to nature. The nature-inspired lightweight, sporty Duna 11.6 SUP is a true favourite for those that enjoy water adventures and touring longer distances. The board weight is super light weight at just 8.5Kg and supports riders of up to 120Kg.

Easy to inflate and once inflated, the Duna is light and stiff due to the Heat Bonded Technology used and new for 2019 X-Stitching Construction. The boards shape ensure maneuverability and gliding speed on the water for those longer tours.  This complete SUP package comes with everything you need including a Leash, Fibreglass 3-piece freedom paddle, dual action pump, waterproof rucksack and repair kit. 

The Jobe Duna paddle board comes with a bungee storage net to stow your kit under and is equipped with a supreme luxurious neoprene-wrapped grab handle and paddle holders.

(Note: the Jobe Duna 2021 paddle board is the new teal, orange and grey colour shown in the product photo)


Product Features:

  • Length: 11.6" (3,50 M)
  • Width: 31" (78,75 CM)
  • Thickness: 6" (15,0 CM)
  • Volume: 340L
  • Recommended rider weight: Up to 160kg | 352 lbs
  • Board Weight: 19,6kg | 21.1 lbs
  • 3 year warranty after registration
  • heat bonded technology, more layer quality and safety
  • Non-slip EVA foam pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing
  • Lightweight X-dropstitching construction
  • Stringer on top and bottom for more stiffness
  • Bungee storage net
  • Easy-to-carry neoprene handle with paddle holder
  • Halkey Roberts Valve
  • D-ring on tip and tail
  • Nose rocker: 9", Tail rocker: 0"
  • Recommended rider weight: Up to 160kg | 352 lbs
  • Package weight: 14,6kg | 32.2lbs
  • Dimensions: 11'6" x 31" x 6" | 350 x 78,8 x 15cm
  • Package contains: Aero Duna SUP Board 11.6, adjustable 3-piece freedom stick paddle, waterproof backpack, double action pump, 10ft / 3,04m coiled leash

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