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Paddle Boarding

Stand Up. Grab your Jobe paddle board and just start paddling. Get afloat all year round with an inflatable board which you can transport easily to new locations. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is easy to learn and gets you on the water in minutes. Love watersports then we have some great touring Jobe SUP boards. Enjoy our range of paddle boarding accessories including; Jobe, OverBoard and Baltic for the perfect day on the water.

Jobe Yarra 10.6 Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Package 2020
Jobe Duna 11.6 Inflatable SUP Paddle Board Package 2020
Jobe 2019 Six Person Inflatable Paddle Board
Jobe Portable Electric Pump With padded Bag
OverBoard 5L 100% Waterproof Dry Tube Bag
OverBoard 20L Dry Tube Waterproof Bag
OverBoard 30L Dry Tube Waterproof Bag
OverBoard 40L Waterproof Dry Tube Bag
Jobe Knox Floatable Polarized Sunglasses
Baltic Mascot Dog Buoyancy Aid
Baltic iFloat Softbag 50N Manual Buoyancy Aid
Baltic iFloat 150N Buoyancy Aid
Baltic Canoe One-Size Universal Buoyancy Aid
Baltic Sailing Dinghy Pro Buoyancy Aid
Chatham Men's Aegean Technical Sports Boat Shoe
Chatham Helm Casual Trainers
OverBoard 1L Dry Pouch Multipack
OverBoard 1L Dry Pouch - Single Pouch
OverBoard 90L Ultimate Adventure Duffel Bag