Jobe 2018 Lena 10.6 Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board Package


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Turn to the water to find your personal zone of tranquillity and destress. Her solidness and stability makes colourful Lena a true yogini's favourite. Due to wide nose, Lena glides over flat water in a stable manner and is perfect for paddling, stretching, pilates- and yoga practices. Lena is manufactured using industry leading techniques like the Jobe innovative drop stitch technology.

This construction - Jobe engineered the board with an inside of thousands of nylon threads - gives the Jobe paddleboards their strength without compromising on lightness. A strong and solid base cloth holds the nylon threads together and gives the board its unique shape. Two layers of drop stitch reinforcement, together with a PVC-coated nylon base, ensures durability of the board. Together with the fact that all layers are well-connected with pre-laminated 'heat bonded' technology instead of glued layers, a Jobe board scores much higher on quality and durability than the super low-priced boards emerging in the market lately.

Choose a paddleboard wisely and think long-term: we'd love to show you why. Durable Lena comes with a bungee storage net to stow your luggage under and is equipped with a supreme luxurious neoprene-wrapped grab handle and paddle holders on the sides. Get grounded and take your position bare-feet or with water shoes, standing on the Lena's sweet-patterned super soft EVA foam pad. All Jobe's inflatable boards come in a fully equipped  package, including a waterproof backpack with front pockets, an aluminium paddle, a repair kit, a transparent leash and  high-quality fin. Super easy to inflate & deflate: Discover the world on a paddle board.