Sailing & Dinghies

One of our favourite family days out is packing a picnic and heading by boat to the beach. With sailing centres all around the UK, get sailing this summer and make sure you've got comfortable, quality sailing kit for you and your kids nautical adventures.

30 Litre Classic Waterproof Backpack
Sandhamn Floatation Gilet
Ladies Panama II Deck Shoe
Mascot Dog Buoyancy Aid
Bermuda Lady II G2 Boat Shoe
Aqua-Go Breaker Performance Sailing & Watersports Shoe
Pitt Premium Leather Boat Shoe
Compass II G2 Leather Boat Shoe
Skipper Kids Boat Shoe
Legend 165 Auto Lifejacket
Waterproof Large Tablet Case
20 Litre Dry Tube Waterproof Bag
90 Litre Pro-sports Waterproof Duffel Bag
60 Litre Pro-sports Duffel
1 Litre Dry Pouch Multipack - Black, Blue, Red, Yellow
Holiday Sun Starter Pack