Grab a practical, relaxed floatation gilet to wear during your coastal adventures or whilst dog walking or look stylish in a Luna Blue beach dress at your next family beach day. 
Our range of Baltic waterproof floatation gilets and Luna Blue kaftans and beach dresses are perfect for beach days, boat days or just popping out in all weather to meet friends for a coastal walk.
Need a casual but practical gilet for everyday wear? Look no further than the Aqua Living range of Baltic floatation gilets. Equally at home on a family sailing trip and as an all-weather option for coastal adventures. Choose from a quality range of hard-wearing gilets o in various styles and colours.
Baltic Sandhamn Floatation Gilet 2019
Baltic Men's Sandhamn Floatation Gilet
Baltic Adult Flipper Floatation Gilet
Baltic Kids Surf and Turf Floatation Gilet
Women's Black & White Striped Cotton Dress
Women's Blue & White Striped Cotton Dress
Women's Blue & White Striped Cotton Beach Kaftan
Women's White Cotton Beach Kaftan