Baltic iFloat Softbag 50N Manual Buoyancy Aid


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The Baltic iFloat 50N is an essential piece of equipment for anyone that goes out paddle boarding, canoeing, Kayaking, rowing or any other on the water activity The iFLoat is a great alternative to a traditional buoyancy aid.  The ifloat is a product that you would hardly notice you were wearing.  The lung is neatly stowed inside a soft case that attached to belt around your waist.  The Ifloat 50N is suitable for a weight range from 40 -130kg.

The ifloat is perfect for paddle boarding, kayaking or any on the water activity where freedom and comfort are required.  The inflatable lung is stowed inside the bag which can be sited anywhere around the waist.  If you need the lifejacket to inflate you simply pull the iFloat out of the bag, place it over your head and inflate by pulling the cord.   

The soft bag also features a streamlined shape and a front pocket for storage, keys, waterproof phone etc.

Available in two colours, black or white.

Product Features:

  • Quick release buckle with protection - No accidental unbuckling
  • Soft waterproof fabric - Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Water resistant storage pocket - Perfect for storing keys, cards, phone etc
  • Grab handle - Pull the handle, put the bladder over your neck and inflate, simple
  • D ring attachment eye - Great for any accesories you need to clip on
  • Replaceable gas canister - In the event that your lifejacket gets inflated the canister can be replaced very easily and the jacket is ready to go again.
  • Manual inflation valve - Add more air or let it out.
  • 5 Year gurantee 
  • Suits users from 40-130kg