Jobe Standup Paddle Boards – Inflatable and Bamboo SUPs

Adventure, fitness or relaxation - a standup paddle board from leading watersports brand Jobe, is your new best friend. With a range of quality standup paddle boards as well as quality standup paddle board paddles and must-have pumps and waterproof accessories, we’ll help you get well on your way to an amazing aqua lifestyle. Just you and your SUP - paddle boarding is great fun for all ages. Explore beautiful rivers and lakes or head to your local beach or harbour with friends, you can even take your dog for a paddle board!


Jobe 2018 Lena 10.6 Yoga Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Jobe 2019 Aero Venta 9.6 SUP and Windsurf Package
Jobe 2019 Aero Desna SUP Board 10.0 Package
Jobe 2019 Yarra 10.6 Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Jobe 2019 Duna 11.6 Inflatable Paddle Board Package
Jobe 2019 SUP'ersized 15ft Inflatable Paddle Board
Jobe Portable Electric Air Pump
Baltic iFloat 150N Buoyancy Aid
Baltic K2 Watersports Buoyancy Aid