Brand - Baltic

Baltic Safety are a Swedish company that love boats, water, sun, sailing and canoeing. In short they love everything to do with water. Therefore they have devoted their time to make life safer on or around water and to have fun in safety and comfort.
Bambi Baby Lifejacket
Kids Split Front Lifejacket
Compact 100 Auto Lifejacket
Canoe One-Size Buoyancy Aid
Aqua Pro Buoyancy Aid
Dinghy Pro Buoyancy Aid
K2 Watersports Buoyancy Aid
Stinger Watersports Buoyancy Aid
Surf and Turf Junior Gilet
Sandhamn Floatation Gilet
Flipper Floatation Gilet
iFloat 150N Buoyancy Aid
Mascot Dog Buoyancy Aid
Legend 165 Auto Lifejacket