Swim Into Summer

Posted on May 23 2019

Swim Into Summer

As the UKs temperature’s steadily rise from the high-20s into the 30s this Summer, take a dip in your local swimming pool or lido, dive into a wild outdoor waterway or let the waves wash over you as you swim in the sea!


Swimming is so good for your body, mind and soul. It’s one of the best ways to get some vitamin sea! Year-round, swimmers of all levels can strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness whilst their body weight is supported in the water. Add a pair of our View or Aqua Sphere swimming goggles to the mix and you’ll see how sensational swimming is.


Wild swimming

Classed as swimming in any natural body of water, from pond to lake to ocean, wild swimming gives you the freedom to bathe whilst you connect with nature and the elements. Moon swims can also be an uplifting spiritual experience to help you transition the seasonal shift too.

Outdoor swimming groups are growing in size and number and there are now more than 60 wild swimming groups in the UK that offer a social and supportive air to swimming. Andrew Hutton, who co-founded the Selkies on Shetland, says: “One side of the island can be like a mill pond, with the other side having six foot waves. People post on our Facebook page saying they’re planning a swim with a rough time and location in mind, asking if anyone else wants to join in.”

Whilst wild swimming is both exciting and liberating there are other safety factors to consider. These include:

  • Always letting someone else know where you’re swimming
  • Dressing appropriately for the weather and conditions
  • Watching out for critters such as leeches and ticks

You can find more wild swimming safety advice here. It’s all common-sense stuff so there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy lapping it up in a lake or immersing yourself in the deep blue anytime soon! Feeling motivated? Find your closest wild bathing buddies on the Outdoor Swimming Society’s UK Wild Swim Group List.


Lido swimming

A great British tradition dating from the 1930s when outdoor swimming became the trend and the first lido was unveiled in London, lido swimming is having a UK revival. We're pleased to let you know that more and more lidos are being restored to their former glory so here in the UK, we can keep crystal clear lido swimming alive and kicking.

Recently, Aqua Living’s Founder Christina visited Hilsea Lido to check out the good work the volunteers are doing to regenerate this huge freshwater outdoor pool and commented: “What an incredible #community space to learn to swim, participate in regular swim training or take part in a swimming event. It’s the hard work and campaigning of volunteers that’s #transforming one of the UK’s largest outdoor community swimming pools - yes it’s 67m, that’s 17m longer than an Olympic pool! 

“With 4.5m depth, this mammoth outdoor pool is perfect for triathlon training, swimming, sea safety courses, kayaking, scuba diving, synchronized swimming, corporate training, fun events and more!” 

Other lidos close to Aqua Living HQ in Chichester, West Sussex, include Arundel Lido,Guildford Lido (Surrey) and Aldershot Lido (Hampshire). Also check out Countryfile’s recommendations of Britain’s Best Lidos and Seaside Pools for more lido inspiration.


Pool swimming

Swimming isn’t just reserved for the warm weather, indoor pools give us year-round access to temperate water in the comfort of our bathing suits. The indoor swimming pool was introduced to Oxford in 1939 and from there they’ve grown as part of gyms and fitness centre in towns and cities UK-wide.  We’ve a number in and around Chichester including the 33m six-lane pool, a leisure pool and a fun splash zone at the Westgate Leisure Centre.

The temperate conditions of a swimming pool are an excellent option for swimming lessons. We’ve recently teamed up with Chichester Swim School to promote the importance of swimming for children and we’re offering CSS swimmers 15% off full-priced swimming products such as UPF50+ swimwear, swimming bags, swimming goggles and more.

The Aqua Sphere Seal Kid2 goggles are ideal for kids that are learning to swim and we’re already receiving rave reviews:

“They are the best goggles ever, my daughter absolutely hates water in her eyes and normal goggles keep letting water in. So I purchased a pair of Aqua Spheres and she swam with her head underwater 90% of the time. What a difference they have made to her confidence in the water. Thank you” – Mrs Wilkin.

We realise chlorinated pools aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but less chemical-heavy saltwater pools are becoming more widespread here too. And pool swimming isn’t restricted to indoors, there are plenty of outdoor pools (that aren’t strictly lidos) easily accessible to the British public with Aqua Living HQ’s closest being Findon Swimming Pool and Petersfield Pool


Shop the New Aqua Living Swim Collection

Where’s your closest wild swimming group, local lido or swimming pool and will you be diving into the blue anytime soon? Check out the full Aqua Living swimming collection and make sure you make a splash with the right kit this Summer.

Happy Swimming!

p.s. This Summer you can visit the Aqua Living stand at the following events:

Poole Harbour Boat Show
The Quay, Poole, BH15 1HJ
10.00am – 6pm
Friday 7th - Sunday 9th June
Speedee Boarding Charity SUP Event
Saturday 15th June
Chichester, West Sussex
Henley Swim Festival
Sunday 14th July
Henley, London, UK

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