Sea Saving Steps

Posted on September 21 2018

Sea Saving Steps
Water makes up over 70 percent of our planet, so after meeting Fundraiser and Sea Champion Dave from the Marine Conservation Society at the Southampton Boat Show, it reiterated how important it is that we all come together to ‘save our seas’. 


Aqua Living Sea Saving Steps:
Step 1

Get rid of single-use plastic bottles and buy a re-fillable water bottle so that next time you head out for the day you can take your own water with you. Check out our range of CamelBak and Aladdin water bottles.

Step 2

Ditch disposable coffee cups and buy a travel mug for that morning coffee at work, meeting friends or to keep your drinks hot whilst on the move. We recommend the compact new Latte LeakLock mug from Aladdin  to help reduce the 2.1 billion single-use coffee cups which end up in UK landfills each year!

Step 3

Invest in quality over quantity and purchase an OverBoard waterproof bag for your everyday essentials and valuables. Buying a high quality, waterproof, lightweight, comfortable bag should mean that you don’t have to replace it every few years therefore increasing its lifetime value and provide cost savings in the long term.

Step 4

Spread the word about shopping for eco-friendly products and buy recycled kids toys when gifting for birthdays, family celebrations or at Christmas. We suggest giving something made from 100% recycled plastic such as the awesome range of colourful, durable, fun toys which we love from Green Toys made from recycled milk jugs!

Step 5

Please forward this blog page to friends and family to support the Marine Conservation Society working to 'Save our Seas' and support our eco-friendly online shop.

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